What are they?.. amps for acoustic basses?

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No there a compmay called acoustic for all bas's. They were once owned by acoustic, and made some really cool stuff especially cabs. There now owned by GC, still good i hear.
There very transparent, and have bigger speakers for practise amps, which im my opinion is better. Go try themn out.
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Acoustic Amplification is GC's in-house brand; they revived the name, look, and supposedly the sound of the old Acoustic Control Corporation amps from the 70s, although now they are made in China instead of the USA. They're designed for electric basses, but I would imagine you could use acoustic ones too (the company is poorly named, imo).

Lots of people both here and on talkbass rave about them, especially the combos. Having been in the market for a rig recently, I have played several combinations of the heads and cabs and I feel that they're just okay. They're certainly a good value for money in terms of volume and looks, but the sound wasn't for me (it's bright and clean, basically the opposite of Ampeg). Not a bad sound really, just not what I was looking for.
Don't get Acoustic Amp confused with Acoustic Image amps.

Acoustic Image is much more expensive.
I haven't really seen any amps really designed for acoustic uprights or acoustic bass guitars, but I hear that the SWR Strawberry Blonde is killer. Stanley Clarke uses it for his upright.

I'm assuming that Acoustic brand works for it, in my catalogs they say so. I've never played them though.
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