Hello, I have to do a project for my jazz band class, and I play guitar so what I have to do, is find a guitar player I like and try to emulate the style that is played in. When this project was assigned I was thinking "Hell yes, I can study John McLaughlin for a grade!" but unfortunately my instructor was like "Pshh, nahh, you have to do a cool jazz or bebop guitar player... somebody like Wes Montgomery."

So I looked at Kind of Blue by Miles Davis (he's my favorite jazz artist) but there isn't a guitar player on it.

So did Miles play with any other guitar players early on before he got into fusion and McLaughlin?

And any other good jazz guitarists I should check out. I like the styles of Kind of Blue, so something like that would be good.

study pat martino
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miles davis never played with a guitarist before his fusion stuff as far as I know. Except for John Lee Hooker for the hot spot soundtrack, but that was a crazy mashup of jazz and blues, mostly blues.

Guys to check out:
Joe Pass
Wes Montgomery
Jim Hall
Grant Green
George Benson (early)

I'm sure you could also emulate a trumpet or saxophone player on guitar, your teacher probably wouldn't have a problem with that.
Unfortunately, my teacher won't let me do that. I was going to do Bill Evans, I learned "Some Other Time" on guitar, and he said "No, it needs to be a guitar player."

So, now I'm doing Wes Montgomery's "Bumpin'" but thanks everyone for the recommendations.
why dont you emulate a non-guitar player with your guitar. im constantly studying ray charles piano licks, miles davis trumpet licks, and charlie parker runs and playing them on the guitar.
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Chea_man is the best.
Extrapolation by John McLaughlin is a very interesting album to pick licks up!
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I would add to the previous recommendations a couple of modern players:
Kurt rosenwinkel - The remedy (live at the village vanguard)
Adam rogers please listen to this guy playing on Chris Potter's follow the red line (also recorded at the village vanguard, man someday I gotta visit this place!)
look at george benson...montgomery is cool...django reinhart
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