The song is on my profile. It's a song called Fixation (which is missing vocals since I can't sing) and is your generic pop-rock(ish) sort of sound i guess and check out the solo towards the end. Criticism is appreciated.
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the intro riff's not bad. the guitar dominates the mix though. the verse is ok. kind of generic though. i think i hear a lead guitar? if so, you need to bring that up in the mix, which is dominated by the rhythm guitar a lot. i think that would help the verse tons. the chorus gets repetitive, just that same riff over and over. i think you need some variation. right now i don't like it. the solo was pretty good, easily the best part of the song.

right now this feels like a very average song sorry to say. like you said generic pop-rockish. i think it would help if you spent more time on the mix so that the rhythm guitar doesn't dominate so much. but i don't know. not trying to be mean, but this song needs a lot of work. it just feels like generic pop-rock, and the chorus is pretty weak. and the chorus is basically the most important thing in this kind of music. like the one riff is ok, but it repeats too much, and it's the only idea in the chorus really. maybe if you had vocals it would help. i like pop punk and that kind of stuff, and it probably would sound really boring without vocals, since vocals are so important in that genre.

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