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just wondering what guitar you guys think is better for shredding and stuff, the Ibanez RG3550mz, or the RG3570z. Influences range from Dream Theater and Paul Gilbert to Zep and AC/DC. I've tried them out, they feel and sound equally as good and are the same amount of money. And how about the fretboards (which is "smoother to play on" and easier to take care of)?

Thanks guys
surely you should know which one is better if youve played them
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if there isnt a huge difference in playability then get the cheaper one, then more money for pickups which usually suck on stock ibanez's
their is barely any difference so i'd chose on looks
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do you have links to them? i can't find them on the ibanez website i imagine, considering they're both the same "level" of model, that there's not much in it.
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I would just like to state that if you're good enough to be influenced by Dream Theater, than you're too good to be influenced by AC/DC.
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Theres not gonna be a huge difference between them but there will be some either one will be a great shred guitar I mean come on its Ibanez
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Go for the sexier looking one

Cant fail with that tbh
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I would say RG3570z because i prefer the look (not a fan of the pick guard) and because I'm more of a fan of the rosewood fingerboard. Those are pretty much the only difference between the two, and the pickups shouldn't be a problem because they are actually DiMarzios
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I personally prefer Maple fretboards, the other difference is the pickguard and color, which is usually an afterthought for me.
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