So I need a good octave down effect. You see, my friend is a singer, and wants to do some gigs where he sings and I just play acoustic (well, acoustic-electric) and I had a really good idea:
I will make a pickup (not really as hard as it sounds, look it up) that only picks up the Low E string. So I will have my normal pickup go through a normal guitar amp, and then with the one that only picks up the low E, I will have that run through an octave pedal then through a bass amp. That way when I do chord stuff, I have a nice thick bass sound at the bottom so that it sounds full.

The thing is that I don't have an octave pedal, and I don't really know much about them. So I was gonna ask you guys what a good (clean) octave pedal is that is on the cheaper end (I don't have much money at all, so the cheaper the better, but if I have to shovel out for good tone then I understand.) and gives a good deep electric-bass sound. I want it to sound fat, so that it can support my acoustic and give definition, and I want it to sound fairly realistic. I know that effects aren't the best recreation of sound, but I don't want a fuzz-synth sounding bass you know what I mean?

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A good acoustic should have enough low end if you play it through a PA.


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Surely you get enough bass response from you acoustic?
cause tbh i dont think that will work well at all and just give you loads of bass and most octaves dont get it perfect and it will just vibrate everything loads.
Boss OC-3 is pretty good for a lower price pedal. It has a polyphonic mode too boot (does chords well) .
^^ and ^^^actually, smaller bodied acoustics dont always have great bass response. so maybe a parlour sized acoustic isnt producing the lows he wants.

ReChord, if you are making a piezo for the low E, i would suggest going low E and A strings. not all your chords will have the low E, so including the A kinda makes sense to me.

as for pedals, i havent really tried any octave pedals other than the POG (which is expensive but has great tracking), but most seem to be over $100. if you want cheap, i would try out the danelectro chili dog, seeing as how its the only cheap one i can find my room mate has the boss octaver, and i know he liked it well enough (i havent tried it though). there seem to be a few pedals in the $100-160 range that you might want to check out, but i havent heard of a lot of them.
I have a danelectro octave down pedal (chili dog I think). You can get 'em for like $30 and they're surprisingly nice for the price. It's worth a shot, anyway.
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Well, you see, it isn't about bass response. If I wanted a bassier tone then I would just crank the bass on the acoustic amp (although my small-body doesn't have the best bass anyway.) I don't want a bassy tone, I want to introduce a note literally an octave lower so that it feels like there really is a bass there playing with me. I honestly think it will work and sound decent. Not that I will use it for all songs, but for some the extra support of a bass, and the effect of having a walking bass line actually an octave lower, will sound good.

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ReChord, if you are making a piezo for the low E, i would suggest going low E and A strings. not all your chords will have the low E, so including the A kinda makes sense to me.

You make a good point, and I really have spent a while thinking about that. The thing is that most chords I can add in a note at the bottom of it that is within the chord to make the bass sound (fretting the second fret with your thumb when playing a D major chord and strumming all strings gets a really full sound which I love.) The thing I have against the A string as well is that when playing a chord that uses all 6 strings, both the note on the A and E string would go an octave lower at the same time which may sound muddy.

Perhaps I could have it so that it picks up the E and A strings, and then just be able to turn the A off when I need to.

For the suggested pedals: I will look into the Chili dog, since I have honestly never heard of it...but for $30 I don't think there is any harm in getting it :P .
I probably won't get a POG, as it is pretty expensive, but a micro-POG is possible.
The Boss OC-3 interests me as well...does it sound similar to the OC-2, just with added polyphonic support?

Any opinions on which sounds better with single bass notes, the Chili Dog or a Boss OC-2/3?
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We tbh i think you should go for it! Its nothing iv heard before and im not too sure on how it will sound but if its easy to turn off you may aswell try it cause you might find something really cool.