Ill just cut to the chase here. Hes not really good. Granted, he is marginaly able to keep in rhytm, but whenever theres a drumm roll or fill he just gets out of whack. What also bothers me is, that due to him only having one tom, his drum rolls are ever so slightly out of whack, and he throws the entire band out of sync. We kinda have grown acoustomed to it, but its still really wierd. He actualy has another tom, but uses the parts from that to repair the one he is using, so that one is out of commision. We all proposed that we put money together so we could fix the damn tom, but he just says he doesnt need it. But the main problem, at least for me is, that all he does is just play a booring fast paced rhytm allllll the time, throwing an ocasional fill in there. I mean, the drum parts are pretty much the same for every song we have. And if the song isnt fast, he doesnt want to play it, because its suposed to be booring. Well of course its gonna be boring if he has amost nothing else than the snare and the high hat to hit! So, any advice on how to get him to start doin something else besides endles fast beating of the snare?

PS: kicking him out is not realy an option, since there are no other drummers around.
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hmm. say hey **** head get it together, or if that doesnt work kick him out and try really hard to find someone else
agreed. If he wants to be apart of your band, he has to compromise and listen to criticism, and realize that his way isn't always the right way. If he doesn't like it, then you need to find a drummer from out of the area that has a reliable form of transportation to get to your practice area.

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sounds like he's **** =(
get me to drum for you? :P
jk. tell him to get drum lessons though.
first beat him up.
now when hes not a fag and he agrees to play low tempo songs you need to go tell him to hear some new bands except his metal/punk bands. try to think of bands that you like and tell him to gather ideas from these bands.
and about losing the beat, hes a ****ing drummer! he should be a human metronome!
btw, alot has and can be done with a snare, hi-hat and a tom but he really needs a crash and floor.
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why would you need more than one tom? really?

if that's his preference ten be fine with it.

You should be proud of a drummer who's not obsessed with a lot of extra gears; such as toms.

as for the rest... well not much to do, have him to practice with a metronome SLOWLY.

especially the fills if that's what he has a problem with.

make him look at this:

These especially;

That site have helped me a lot with my drumming, that's for sure.
You like it
Well actualy he does like other forms of music than punk/metal, but he says its boring to play because its not fast. I gues we are gonna have to talk to him, like the whole band.
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Well actualy he does like other forms of music than punk/metal, but he says its boring to play because its not fast. I gues we are gonna have to talk to him, like the whole band.

I know what you're talking about, I had problems with the same kind of drummer a while ago.
Everytime i told him it would be nice if he'd give me a slow beat he did the same fast punkbeat as ever not to mention his overall "flexibility" of playing different styles.. Talking is the best solution for the moment, if it doesn't change..well..kick him out and search a new one (or use a drum machine temporarily )
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Get him into playing triplets occasionaly instead of the standard drum fill.
Other than that, just give him time, he'll improve with experience, but you could also try recording the band on some cheap recording system and letting him listen to it, he may realise, once he hears it, that he needs to improve rapidly or alter his style for some songs or learn some new drum fills.
How long has he been playing? I suggest you ask to him to try a practice without the tom - if he concentrates on basic snare fills and simple beats he'll be able to progress in no time. Just kick, snare, hats and a crash/ride until he get the basics down. There's plenty of ways of saying it without making it sound like criticism, just be honest.

Anyone who's thrown off time depending on the amount of toms they've got still has a long away to go before they can call themselves a 'drummer'...
Build your own drummer. I've done this before.

Find a regular guy who likes to listen to the type of music you guys play, and get online videos to teach him the basics. Hopefully you pick an easy to mold guy who isn't hard-headed, or this might not work.

But, in a few months you'll have a better drummer!
Well drums do cost a fair amount of money to get, but hey, we did the same with our currnet basist... You know what, im probably just gonna quit this band as soon as anotherone starts up, i dont really like the music anyway. Thanks for all your help guys!
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I used to play with a guy EXACTLY like that.
Every song was the same fast bull**** punk hi-hat/snare thing and he'd always throw in these fills that didn't land on time and ****ed everything up.
Thank god I didn't join that band.
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