i have a schecter c-7 hellraiser. Compared to my other guitars of much lesser value my pickups are very weak sounding. By that i mean things such as not getting a very heavy sound when i play (particularily palm muting) and not good sustain. i know for a fact this guitar should have both of those. any suggestions on fixing this? and no it cant be the battery
What kind of amp are you running?
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its a roland cube 30x. this is comparing to my other guitars though, mainly a epiphone special edition II
Hellraiser has EMG's in it don't it? If so that's your problem. My guitars with EMG's are nowhere near as thick and organic sounding as my passive pickups.
EMGs usually don't sound too great through solid state amps, that's one thing to keep in mind.
But I think in your case, it's a different problem. Maybe the battery is weak, replace it to find out. If that doesn't help, the pickups might need to be raised.
i dont think the batter is weak, its fairly new i got it at christmas and i unplug it after every use. would i raise the pickups by the screws on the sides?
The EMG's don't sound as good on tube amps either for me. When I play a good passive pickup I just can't go to my guitars with emg's anymore. I'm in the process of taking them out.

Yes the screws on the side help. But don't put it up to high or it'll get muddy. Raise it as high as possible without getting muddy. If it's to muddy lower it little by little. This will make it sound much better. It doesn't sound good down low. EMG's can go further up than passive pickups also.
I don't really think it's a boost I think you're just used to passives and the way they sound and the emg sounds sterile.
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i thought actives sounded heavier than passives?

Not at all. A good passive high output pickup will sound much more heavier than an active pickup can get. Most people I run into who love their emg's love them because they upgraded from crappy stock pickups to emg's in which they sound awesome. That's why I started using them when I was younger. All my favorite bands had them and they had a lot of clarity but once I got ahold of good passive pickups I can't go back. You can youtube comparisons. Theres a video of lamb of god talking about why they don't use actives. It takes away from their warm heavy sound. I have yet to hear an active with the low end of a good passive either. The passive works with your wood better. So if you have a mahogany guitar or a heavy wood a good passive will sound really thick in that wood.
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wats a good heavy sounding passive pickup for metal?

dimarzio d sonic. Go to dimarzio.com and click humbucker and then click highoutput you can compare them on the website it tells you in detail of what each one does the best. The x2n is also pretty cool. The evo is okay but it's to thin for me. I like the ones with a lot of low end. It'll tell you what has low end and what doesn't.