im needing some help. i got a 4 string about a year ago and i cant get a 5 string because my parents wont let me.

my band plays in drop c. whenever i go down to drop c on my regular strings it sounds really loose and ****ty. is there any way to fix that.

the only thing i can think of is to get a 5 string set of strings and just drop one string down.

any suggestions???
thicker strings
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why wont your parents let you get a 5 string, its not like they are illegal or immoral for bassists to have, or is it just too much money?

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just go to your music retailer and ask for a suitable set of strings, don't waste cash on a set of 5 strings a set of 4 heavy gauge will work just fine
im going for CGCF.

and for thicker strings, what gauges should i get.
Even a .110 will work for a drop C.
I play with Ernie Ball ones and they work fine.

You might get some clacking but you and no one can tell when your playing in a band with amps pumped up.
Which could be fixed by raising the action.

If you really want to, get a 5 string set. With like .125 or .130 as the "C" string and I'll work fine.
I use .130 on my 5 string when we play drop A or Bb.

Check to make sure your neck can take it and the length is right.
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I would say 105 at the E and higher. There's an article in one of my Bass Player magazine of a guy who tunes to that... If I find it I will give you some details.
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I'm currently using Ernie Balls hybrid slinkys tuned down to drop C# (C# G# C# F#) which as a .105 as the standard E, and that tunes down ok, probably something a little heavier would work better though try 0.110 perhaps?
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Quote by Deliriumbassist
Get yourself a medium or heavy 5 string set, and discard the E, so you:

raise the B to C
drop the A to G, D to C anf the G to F.

This. I love the tension of the strings of this gauge in this tuning
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Quote by Deliriumbassist
Get yourself a medium or heavy 5 string set, and discard the E, so you:

raise the B to C
drop the A to G, D to C anf the G to F.

can the B tune up that high without breaking???
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Yeah. 2 steps isn't that much.

B to C is actually a half step.
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No harm done
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DANK. one more thing.

when i replace the E for The B, how should i adjust my bass in terms of the truss rod, bridge, etc.

im new at that stuff because ive never had to deal with it.
I wouldn't go the B string -> Tuned up to C.

I would just get a heavier E string, like .110.

Having .130 for C is pretty heavy.
I don't really like playing drop C stuff with a heavy tension in the string.
I feel it is easier to play with the string is just a little bit floppy.

If you get the B string.
All you adjust with the truss rod and bridge is to get the action that you like.
Bridge adjustment for intonation as well.
Also with a standard bass guitar, the heavy .130 from a 5-string set, might not fit very well in the nut. So you might have to file it, but then that makes putting regular (.105) E back kinda bad.
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Just get a super light b string like 125
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I used to play in drop c and I usually get a regular light 5 string gauge set and used the Low B string as my last string to provide tension. It holds up nicely without me having to adjust the action and stuff. But most of the time it really depends on the type of bass you have anyway. Some might be able to handle the tension without any problems while others might be a bitch and screw up your intonation and neck
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I agree with getting the lighter 5-string set, because going from B to C in terms of tuning is next to nothing in tension change in the string, so it won't seem super tensed when you play.
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I've got a Schecter C-4 and had the same problem tuning in CGCF. I just did like the others said, bought a 5 string set of Ernie Ball Super Slinkies ditched the "G" string of the set and starting stringing it with the Low B which is 125 where the Top C goes.. Works like a charm!
if i get a light B string will i have to file the hole or the nut????

if not im golden
You might.
Just go ahead and buy a lighter 5 string set and try to fit.
If the string is snug in the nut. Perfect.

If you have to like "pop" or "push" is in. You will have to file it.
didnt work

i went to my local store and the lightest B string they had was way bigger at the nut than my E string, but my E string was actually thicker.
I used a 110 set on my Yamaha RBX270, can handle C standard and Drop C almost perfectly, you don't need to bother with the 5 String set.
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