Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to put this but I was wondering if any of you guys that have one of these (20,50, or the new 70) that would like to start a thread listing different settings you use to get certain sounds. ie, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Tom Petty, or whoever. Also what settings you use for your Blues sounds, Your heavy metal or rock. I just got a 70 and new to them so I am experimenting now.
i personally use the me-50 and think it is in fact the best of the 3 if you like your amp and dont want to mess around with different amp settings on your multi-effects pedal. a few things about the me-50 i dislike are some of the stupid expression pedal expressions they give you, like ring mod, absolutely useless, the voice expression is worthless imho, other than that, the pedal rocks, i would recommend going with a gt10 if you got the extra cash,
I agree, the me-50 is probably the best, I have one and its great. The only advantage I see in the me-70 over the me-50 is that it has a loop recorder which sounds cool but I have a friend who has the boss rc-20xl loop station and its good but not as use as you would think when in a band, its only realy good for solo pracitse.
Do any of you have any preferred settings you are using to get certain tones? I have played around a little and starting to get close to a Gary Moore tone but still needs some work. I am new to working with effects pedals and really wanting to learn what does what. I know alot of tinkering and practice will help just trying to get a foot in the right direction
Would the me50 be able to do a good Metallica tone (amp permitting of course)?
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a good metallica tone would be a higher gain with almost no mid scooping, so yes, there are like 11 distortions on the me-50. i personally prefer the modern distortion setting on the me-50, it is high gain and it has a ton of crunch and depth, the metal distortion is pretty cool, too. i have duplicated artist tones such as

Adam Jones
James Hetfeild
Dan Jacobs
Don Danegan
Pepper Keenan

and BB King sounding cleans, its a great petal for a great price, and if you need the loop station i would recomend not buying a multi-effect pedal with one on board because then you are unable to use the delay and delay is a great effect for just about everything.