(crit for crit)

If only I had never met you
I wouldn't worry about the things I never did
I shouldn't feel so lonely
But I know how I made you feel

If I didn't write my songs for you
I wouldn't be so isolated from reality
You never listened anyway
You never even tried

It's not your fault
I am to blame
I needed to change
But I remained the same

And now I don't even see you
You hide from me like shadows in the night
But it's probably for the best
I just want to say I'm sorry

And I'm only ever getting older
I'm not learning anything new about this life
If I had someone to believe in
They'd just pass me by

Just like everyone
I know
I'm just a shadow
On the pavement

So i think I'll change my name
And skip towns Until i find a new game
To play, although my luck is gone
And watch my conscious degrade

If only I wasn't so shy
I wouldn't need to erase these problems I made
I wouldn't be lonely
I wouldn't be so cold