WRONG FORUM!!! Also, click control panel at the top of the page.
then go to edit sig
Soon, death metal's drums will be so fast only computers will be able to listen to it.

94? Not bad. It shall improve >=)

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^ It says Control Panel up there. Right above Post Reply. Go there and find 'edit signature' on the left side menu.
E-married to ilikepirates

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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

read sticky's and use searchbar before making new thread next time...it'll stop people shouting at you lol in the mean time

*Reported now that you know what you wanted*
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Centorium you dick
I keep lookin behind me,You're amazing at this

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Dam,Cent, ur repeating man scares the shit out of me, its so true

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Omg Cent,Ive been havin nightmares because of u

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**** you man,I was just going to bed

I'm scary