Hey, so i bought a used guitar from a private shop a few months ago, and I love it, but its been bugging me that I cant figure out the model type. Its a Jackson, i belive a dinky, but I dont know. It has a floyd rose locking trem, humbucker emg active 81 85 pickups, a master tone knob and a volume knob for each pickup. it has 24 frets and small right triangle inlays in the corners of the frets. it also has a single color paint job, not one of the spiral kinds on the newer lines.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. The bridge pickup only has half the volume of the neck pickup. ive tried replacing the battery, but nothing changes. any suggestions?
Pic would help
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im getting the floyd rose worked on right now, so i cant. but i should get it back any day now.
Raise the level of the bridge PU. Its almost like 95% a jackson
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