Just Got my DrZ Route 66. I bought it used for 1100. Looks great. Problem is it didnt come w/ a power cord....Can i buy one at a local guitar center?
Well i bought it used. I assumed it would come with the cord. im a little pissed. But if i can get it somewhere. I should be ok.
You can get it other places than GC. A lot of electrical things use the same cord. My printer and tv have the same one as my amp. If you have a new HDTV it should have that same cord. Also, any other amp with a detachable cord will be the same.
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Most big electronic devices all use the same power cord. I know I have like 7 power cords for studio equipment that all are exactly the same.
Go to Best Buy and ask for a desktop power cord.
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I dont know if theres any levels or specs on these cords...but if not just grab the one out of the back of your computer... and you'll be jammin.