Ok, so I've had my Ibanez SR305 bass for quite a while, but I'm having problems with the treble/bass double pot (or whatever it's called), the upper pot is slightly bent and it won't turn around properly...

My question is, what type of pot should I get to replace it? I ask this because I don't know **** about pots but I know they're classified (500K, 25K...)

Thanks in advance...
couldnt you just bend it back with a pair of pliers...?
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A single shaft with both bass and treble controls = a Concentric Potentiometer. You will need to pull off the knobs and take off the cover plate to look at the pot in your bass. Does it have a solid or split shaft under the knobs, is the shaft short or long through the body, is the pot labeled 250k or 500k (default)? You can compare it to the pot pictures on Allparts, Musicians Friend, Guitarfetish, or most other online guitar shops.

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