Ok I wanna buy my first Electric. I really cannot decide. Eventually I will test them out but I want to have my options now. I am considering anything under $300.. I want to play blues,alternative,punk,screamo,some metal, and ALOT of Eric Clapton songs..

Is the Ibanez RG3EXQM1 any good??

How About The ESP EC-50?

I dont know what to look for.. Please Help me out.
Also No squires please.. or starter packs..

i have an RG4, its an amazing guitar, very flexible and can play almost anything. i imagine the RG3 would be the same.
i have no experience with ESP's.
if you don't have an amp or guitar yet, why are you against starter packs?

also, does the 300 bucks include the amp?

and what do you have against squiers, yes, they are starter guitars, BUT THAT"S WHAT YOU"RE LOOKING FOR..
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Because I have friends who have squires and they Sound HORRIBLE.. And I have enough for either a Fender Frontman 15Watt or a Line 6 Spider III 15 Watt.
"ALOT of Eric Clapton songs.."

definitely not the ibanez. the emgs are not very bluesy...

and i don't know much about the esp, but you could probably get a much bluesier guitar for that price.

i would suggest an H/S/S strat or something with a similar configuration. more versatile.
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You can't go wrong with a used Epiphone g-400 or Les Paul standard.

Don't get a Frontman or a Spider, they suck, get a Peavey Vyper or a small used tube amp, like the one in my sig.
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I love these "first guitar" threads

Here's my advice:

If you want to get the most from your money, buy used.

Always try before you buy (meaning I don't recommend Ebay)

When you are trying out a guitar, start by playing without an amp.

When you are playing via an amp, use the amp's "clean" setting.

As for "A lot of Eric Clapton songs", might I recommend a MIM Stratocaster?
I bought my first guitar (MIM Stratocaster) a few weeks ago; $350 for the guitar, amp, pedal, stand, tuner, cables, and soft case.

Good luck!
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For the money I would always look to buy something used first, because you'll always get way more for your money.

But if you can't find anything used, you always can check craigslist, or your just totally against buying used than go with the Ibanez, it's more versatile than people give it credit for.
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