Hey guys... and girls i guess??

hey I am a beginner/intermediate guitarist and im looking for a new amp to spice up my gig. Right now I use the Fender Squire Strat with a 15W frontman (Fender) <--- all came with the starter. I was thinking that it was time for me to get a new amp before anything bcuz with mine i cant hear my guitar over the drums which is bad.

SO would spider III line 6 30W be a good buy??? I heard about he VYPYR from peavey too but its too expensive for me.. My budget is tight i cant go over 300$..
Plz suggest me a good amp... Generally im looking for 30W - 35W

Songs i like to play: Green tinted sixties mind, Every breath you take, Message in a bottle, aint talkin bout love, sweet child of mine, panama, powerslave (ironmaden), trooper. <--- these are all the songs that I remember how to play....
OK, First off wrong forum, and second off no, get a Peavey Vypyr.
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the spiders are horrible amps...

also, "30-35 watts" is not enough to be heard over a drummer if it's a solid state amp (which spiders are)

you need at least 50 I'd say to get over a drummer, yet this also all depends on how loud the drums are. 30 can get over a soft drummer

but no, don't get a spider. EVER
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get a peavey vypyr. NEVER get a spider. just...no
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platykim, you KNOW where GG&A is.
I know this, because you already have a thread there: Decent Amp

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spiders suck and overheat. so do vypers. get a decent amp and a distortion pedal.

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no, dont do it. for $300 you can get much better. if i were you id start looking into some used tube amps maybe from craigslist or ebay, or anywhere you think of. and maybe a nice distortion/overdrive (depending on your style) and your good to go.