So I wrote this today in 40 minutes. Any feedback would be appreciated. 1 is a female vocal and 2 is a male vocal. Tried to make it a little different. Didn't know whether to end it or not. So yeah, just any feedback would be appricated. Thanks!

Possible Title: Proverbial

She weaps and drowns in the sorrow for her loss,
Far he traveled to find a purpose in his life.
She calls in the night for him
He prays to come home safe

We stare at the same starry skies
It is here when we feel at peace
Yet so alive
Our personal sign of hope
Because when I look at these stars
I know they are the same for me
As they are for you

She tries to continue on alone
He fights to survive and come home
She questions Matt's actions
He finds hope in Alexandria's eyes
He whipsers to himself


Bridge like thing
1) How much longer do I haev to keep waiting?
2) How many close calls can i walk away from?
1)I miss your soothing voice, it's been too long.
2) Baby, I will be home before you know it.
1 & 2) I'm dying to be with you again!

And in the heat of the firefight
He cries...