Poll: Are you afraid of heights?
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58 52%
53 48%
Voters: 111.
I am what they call "heights"
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Yes, terrified.
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Not me, I'm afraid of widths
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I hate heights.

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I've been climbing mountains my whole life, so no.
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and needles

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No! I actually thoroughly enjoy them. I love them, in fact.

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I'm not scared of being high up, but I'm terrified at the thought of slipping off.
I'm fine as long as it's safe, but I'm horrified of slipping off the edge and falling for a couple minutes (or at least what would seem like a couple minutes), knowing that I'm dead very soon.
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I think the real question is
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i practice parkour so im either high up or about to kill my self on something lower down
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Not really.
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If you love them then why don't you jump o... marry them?

My wife's surname happens to be Heights.
Heights are probably my only phobia. Funny thing though, i'm fine looking out windows on a plane.
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nope. Im afraid of falling off the high places.


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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

i love heights, i do paraglading few times a year (i really have no idea how it spells in english)... but most of my friends are terrified...
No, I'm not. I've been up on many high places, and I've been bungee jumping (even though it wasn't a very large fall). I plan on going skydiving sometime in the future.
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Depends on the situation, I spend most of my summer up in the mountains (<3 4x4ing, camping, and hunting), and generally I'm just fine, however if there's no trees along the cliff and its just a barren drop I tend to get very jumpy whilst driving in vehicles (On foot I'm just fine).

But, I can't really comment about being in a plane or helicopter, as I've never been in either, but the thought of getting on a plane does bug the **** out of me.
I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm afraid of losing my glasses due to forces (gravitational and velocity-based), so I voted yes. (Meaning: I'm afraid of losing my glasses due to height, but not of heights)
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I used to be afraid of heights, then I got a job at a summer camp. They hired me saying I'd be the errend boy running around doing whatever happens to need doing. When I actually arrived it turns out that the high ropes guy failed his drug test and I was the only available counselor at least 18 years old.

So in a whacky prediciment, good old fear of heights Mike ended up spending his summer on top of a rickity rock climbing tower, sending children down ziplines and repelling. Once I was properly trained about cimbing and such my fear of heights magically disapeared.