So heres the deal. I play games on this other website called Kongregate, where you play flash-based browser games and most have Xbox Live-like achievements called badges you can earn to get points. An easy badge is worth 5 points, medium 15, hard 30, and impossible 60. There is a game on there called Idle 2:Konquest:


Yes, there is no point to the game aside from reading the story. Its an amusing time-waster and you can chat with people while the game is going on.

But there are no badges.

What I(and several other users) want is for the pit to help us out. One user(IamJeebus) has begun a petition for badges:


I do not care if you don't have an account on this website. I simply ask you use your UG username, and sign the petition. I know the pit can prevail on this XD

You don't even have to play the game; Please just sign the petition and then go on with your regular scedchule as you normally do XD Thx!
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Cone, thats a great game too XD

The site has tons of great games, most with badges. But Idle 2 doesn't , which is why I want the pit to help us out :P