Okay guys, I've used the search engine thing, google and on the forum, and I can't find the guitar. I own this guitar but I can't find it.


Red Body
White Face Plate
4 string Bass
All tuning things are on top, ( Sorry, I'm new at this stuff)
Only has two knobs.

I'm looking for a case for it and the only bass I could find that was even close to this had three knobs.

Also, are gig bags universal, could I just get one of those and not bother with finding the exact case?
that's the vaguest description ever

does it say anything on the headstock?

EDIT: in fact, post some pics
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a bass gig back ie. soft case should fit most if not all basses, a hardcase might be less universal
and no one could identify a bass from that description

so sorry, it's a Peavey. Left out the most important part sorry.


it looks kind of like this, but the face plate isn't sparkly and it's only got the two knobs.

so sorry about not posting the brand, thought I did in the intro but must've forgot.
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Serial number or headstock name. Either could give us some info.

I've already checked the whole thing for a serial number, couldn't find one.

I'd rather have a hard shell because I've never really trusted softshell but if i have to go with one I will.
Okay, where good, problem solved through PM.

It's a fury by the way, Peavey Fury.
You could always just take the bass itself into a shop and ask if they have a hardshell case that will fit it well. A peavey dealer might have something nice and specific for you.
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