So i'm sitting in the recording studio right now with my friend/fellow recording enthusiast,using Pro Tools HD 7.37.1

Right now we have 15 tracks running through various inputs and ultimately through a mixing console. Before i go on, i am 99.9 percent positive that this has NOTHING to do with the mixer or inputs/microphones. The 15 seperate tracks run through and show up on the mixer itself perfectly fine.

What we then have, is the mixer running through a 192 Digital, which records into seperate tracks on our pro tools session.

Our problem is that even though the mixer shows all tracks coming through perfectly fine, the 192 Digital shows (instead of 15 tracks) the first 8 tracks replicated.

For example,

Guitar is on 1 and 9 instead of just 1.
Bass is 2 and 10 instead of just 2.
Its taking 1 through 8 and replicating it onto 9 through 16.

We have looked through various settings. We have done multiple recordings in the past using the same setup and it worked fine. For some reason, we just can't prevent the console from not replicating it in this way.

This is preventing us from completed are multi tracks tonight.

If anyone has had a problem like this in the past, or knows the answer, please, we are on a deadline of only a few more hours.

Thank you!

Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.