I've been playing guitar for a while, I'm an intermediate, eg. I can play little wing, under the bridge, jimi hendrix etc. But I've never played jazz. What are some good jazz soloing tips? or even songs/examples? BTW I'm soloing over a guy playing improv jazz piano, so any help would be welcome. Thanks
limit the amount of vibrato you put in your solos, and start by learning ionian, dorian, and myxolidian
well jazz is very theory-related first off... so you need to know the key signature and the types of scales you can improv off of that. You might also want to learn some 7th chord progressions as well too since jazz in general is very 7th chord intricate do to the smooth sound it gives off.
ii-V-I the hell out of everything.

Learn theory to the point you think you understand what's going on. Then go back and learn more. Then apply what you know.

You'll go backdoor through a lowered 7th and using tritone subs in no time
play behind the piano...that is...a beat behind it ... so you can echo some of the piano part..even if you are only playing partial chords or arpeggios...this is a safe approach..but you should feel comfortable enough after a while to anticipate your own solos..

if there are alot of altered chords .. use the key notes of the chord R 3 5 7 until you are used to using the altered notes #5 b5 #9 b9 etc and how to fit them in without sounding forced...

play well

learn about voice leading, and listen very carefully to how the piano voices the chords.
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