This may be a generic question, but hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from.

My soloing doesn't sound as "round" as I would like. It's kind of square, not too much variation in tempo or rhythm. I'm looking to play more funk/jazz/rock sort of solo's, like trey anastasio. Not quite as good but thats a good example of a solo that sounds full and round. any help or techniques? much appreciated thanks!
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Learn the solo's you fidn interesting.

Found an interesting rhythm in a lick?

Then take the rhythm and change notes.

Want to go further?

Leave out notes or extend on it.

More further? change the accents.

Starting a sextuplet (6 notes to 1) on the down beat or upbeat or even start them on the 2nd note of the sextuplet could make a world of a difference.

Really just "explore"

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learn the pentatonic scale up and down the neck and then just mess around with it