i have a squier affinity stratocaster that i got for xmas 2 years ago and i have a fender tele now so the strat just sittin on my wall so i decided to do sumthin with it.....i no im gonna get new pickups and tuners and bridge, but does ne1 else have any cool ideas to make it really unique??

i really like the hoverbucker idea so im prolly gona do that...does any1 else have any cool ideas??
It really depends what you want... You could repaint, get new coloured hardware, a new pickguard, even go so far as to draw/paint out a cool design on it... What types of music do you play?
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repaint with some epic paintjob...
yeah thats about all i got...
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unique paint job.
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FR bridge, humbucking pickups or an HSS setup, three on/off switches for pickups instead of a 5-way, new paintjob, and a refretting job.
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refret job? why not just get a better neck? bolt on ftw
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You can't just turn a bolt-on into a set-neck (I guess you could glue it in, but that'd ruin playability).

New paintjob, a refret (ONLY if it needs it), new nut (graphite, bone, or tusq).
just like paint it all take the neck and pickguard and well all of it off get just the body like hang it or lay on something and just throw paint at it then after its all done just put it on whats more orignal than random.
paint job, upgrade the parts.
to make it really unique remove the old logo decal and make your own logo.
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A turret, a drink holder, a M&M's dispenser, a built in amp, a tele and maybe a floyd.
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Or you could dummy bullet holes as a paint thing.
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A turret, a drink holder, a M&M's dispenser, a built in amp, a tele and maybe a floyd.

you could try scalloping the fretboard, i did it to my bullet, and now I actually play it!

you could also get a few different colors of paint, do a few coats of the base color, splash on another color randomly,let dry, splash on another color, let dry, then sand it smooth and clear coat it.

could try shaping the headstock a little differently, sand off the old logo and make your own (i think someone else mentioned this). just make a stencil and paint it on there, or maybe use a woodburner!

killswitch, maybe some cool looking knobs, could put some some humbuckers in it, or maybe just one for the bridge
The greatest single mod you can make to a Squier is to fit a Wilkinson Tremelo and a graphtec nut, that'll give you tuning stability.

There is generally nothing wrong with a Squier neck that a full set up won't cure. I'd recommend replacing the pickups, as stock pickups in all guitars are crap.
Put a fender logo on then it'l play like teh best guitar in teh wurld.

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