I've wanted to customize my bass for a while (Fender Jazz) and I suddenly thought that by taking off the neck (I'm a lefty) and then add a right handed neck would make it look sweet. I'm thinking of getting a right handed version of the same neck.

I just have a couple of questions...

First off, is that even possible? Would a right handed neck even fit on a left handed bass?

Second, would I need to keep the nut lefty? Because I think if I don't then the strings won't fit...

Any feedback?
definately yes to second question, for first, it depends on the screws at the neck pocket and if the ones on the new neck will line up with the old holes
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Yeah, it's completely possible.

With guitar you don't NEED a new nut, but it's good for intonation. But with a bass I'm gonna bet you need one.
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yeah, people do shit like that all the time.
Wayman Tisdale is left handed and a few of his basses have right handed necks.
but he plays with the skinny strings at the top.
you'd need to swap nuts if you want your strings "normal".

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