Well, now that my head feels like it's going to pop...

I got a challenge from a listener to redo my old crappy version of Warrant's "Blind Faith"

So I did it from the ground up... with a twist.

Instead of plugging the guitar into the interface, I mic'd it up instead, using my Tube Condenser mic to pick it up, filtering out the bass as best I could.

The sound is much better.

As for the vocals... 11 takes. Ugh. My head feels like it's going to pop. It really was pushing my upper limits of my range.

Check it out, I'm interested to hear your feedback. If you hear any volume fluctuations in the vocals, it's from the compressor trying to regulate the signal. Wish I could redo it but a 12th take trying to sing as high as the lead singer of Warrant is enough to make me quit for the night.

Warrant - Blind Faith acoustic cover