my bassist thought of a new name for out band over the weekend i new there was once a band called that. it was succesful failure, it was the name of M Shadows first band i want to know if it is ok or not to name your band after a band that is no loner in existance?
kiss did it
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if its not an active band, and the name isnt trademarked, you should be fine. the only REAL issue would be that some people might confuse your band for an other if you use a name that was once taken.
Well depends if it was REALLY unique or something that is generic/cliche. If it was unique, it would come off as a rip off, even if you didn't intend to steal their name. But if it's a generic/cliche name than no one will accuse you of stealing another bands name.
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Chris, just to let you know, I can't sticky the copyright thread because its in the archives forums. Perhaps you might want to talk to freepower about it (or I can if you would prefer)?

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That would be great... thanks!

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nirvana was also a band from the 60s i think..
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Well Successful Failure didnt realease anything did they?

So I think its alright....

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Well Successful Failure didnt realease anything did they?

So I think its alright....

Oh lol I thought that they meant how it was going was a succesful failure.
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