i know this can kinda repetitive here, but i need some help!
I really don't want to spend more than $400 cause i need the amp soon and
I don't quite have the time to save up.
I'd be using it for practice at home and playing at a small church.

I play:

I know I'm diverse right?! haha
well i was looking at the Vox VT 30 because it has all the different amp models and effects and its half tube.
but i dont really need the modeling amp because once I can save up enough I'd like to get a whole pedal board set up.

So pretty much I'm looking for an amp with amazing clean tone and preferably a tube amp.

more metal/hard core stuff
high gain.
like anything from august burns red to under oath.
but I'm not too worried about that. I know I cant really get every genera with one amp
so as long as it has good cleans & crunch tones I'll be happy =)

and if i could find a used amp that worked fine id have no problem with it.
It may just work for you then...

Go try it out and see how it fairs for the higher gain stuff you play.

When I played it, I managed to only get a decent metal tone out of it. The Tool tone I got was way too loose, and the KSE tone was a bit... digital, but that's expected. Something wasn't right with it, although I suppose it was acceptable.

Also, the VT30 is not tube, it's hybrid.. a pretty good one. Also, try the Peavey Vypyr, it's better for higher gain applications, although I have no comment on the lighter end of things.
You could try to find a used traynor YCV40, I've already seen those
going for 400ish and its gonna do fine the styles you named, its a really sweet amp
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hey guys thanks for the info so far!
I checked out both the traynor and the B-52 online, now i just gotta go to guitar center and play them! im gonna try to get out there this weekend.

and I live about 15 minutes out of San Francisco
I second the recommendation of that CL add, sweet deals on there if you can jump on them fast.

Wow, offer this guy 400 and you'll be getting a sweet amp. Perfect for what you want. Not quite the sparkling fender cleans, but nice tone.
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