Ok, imagine that whole Superbad kind of setup... when they went to the party and all that and the cops come in screaming "prepare to be ****ed by the long hard dick of the law!" etc. etc.

This song is basically that.... cept somehow morphed into a semi-stoner song towards the end. And I was kinda thinking about the '70s when i wrote it. It honestly ain't all that special.... but it something:

"****, It's the Police"

Party goin' on at my place
Your welcome to come if you'd like
I gots plenty o' space at my pad, man..
So feel free to spend the night.

Everyone's havin' a good time,
Dancin' to their favorite songs,
Some of 'em a little tipsy,
But they seem to be gettin' along

Then Johnny hears some sirens,
And some flashing lights out front,
Johnny screams to his buddies,
It's the ****ing cops! RUN!!!

I said...
"****, it's the police...
Man, turn that radio down...
Everyone hide your drinks,
And Jeff, put that doobie out
Guess we've been a little rowdy boys,
so let's chill for a bit.
Lemme have a word with these fellas,
Then we'll get this party started again."

Unbeknownst to me,
My plan didn't exactly "work out"
The cops got a wiff of that California grass, man...
And that's when I heard 'em shout

"Put your hands on your heads,
And get your asses on the floor,
We're lookin' for a Johhny Johannsen..."
(And Jeff said) "Man, he ran out the back door!"

The cops left & pass right on through,
The party had been stopped,
And that officially killed the mood.
{I realize that stanza sucked... but it sounded good at 11pm last night.}

But, yeah..haha!
We got it goin' again...
Lit that doobie up nice n' smooth,
Got blazed until our skulls melted away,
Ang got back into the groove.

But, damn man...
****, it's the police.
Watcha' gunna do?
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It's alright.
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Kinda reminds me of something Sublime would have written. Good job.

I like it.
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Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it. Songs like this are not really my thing (not a big fan of party songs) but nonethess I think you did a pretty good job. Only problem I had was the "favorite song" line. I think you need to be more specific than that. Instead of favorite name an artist or a genre of music. Also I thought the stanza that you said "sucked" was actually pretty good. Maybe just change the second line to "handcuffed us all" or something. (And what the **** is daeir1's post?).
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