I've heard much about Agile and their AL series and how great they were. I got an Agile AL-3000 myself and it was just as they said it was. Really has that feel of a quality guitar compared to epiphones and others. I heard many and experienced many great things about agile les pauls.

But ive never heard anything about agile strats.


has anyone had personal experience with agile strats? are they as good as their les paul counterparts? My brother wants to start learning guitar and he is definintely the "Fender" guitar player and I was wondering if this was right for him.

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Agile AL-3000 Honeyburst
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Do you know anyone who has actually had one?
My Gear:
Agile AL-3000 Honeyburst
Peavey Vypyr 15w
Well, looks good. Bridge might be a little dodgy.
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Looks pretty good to me and also with the rise of price of fender guitars, well worth the money.