I'm looking into getting a Tenor uke to use when I can't carry the guitar around. I have two ones in mind but it seems one of the is discontinued. I'm not looking for class A sound but I'm not looking for crap. Hoping for around the $100 range.


That one is $119 but it seems it has been discontinued and only some websites have them but no major trusted site has them. It seems to be listed at the above and www.ukes.com only. This one has a spruce top instead of nato.


That's the other one I'm looking into that seems like a very trusted uke. However, almost the whole thing is made out of nato which I understand is a cheap wood.

Is the extra $30-$50 for a spruce top really worth it compared to getting the nato one?
Nato isn't a bad wood -- it's readily available and abundant so it is less expensive. It has a good reputation as a tonewood. I own both solid wood ukes and laminated Lanikai ukes. I find I play the cheaper ones more. Lanikai makes good, playable ukes and I like to carry them too so I usually grab the ones that I have to worry about less. Whichever you buy, i recommend aquila nylgut strings -- they are the best.