At the moment I'm trying to get down the little riff to Fight Fire with Fire (Metallica)
E|0-3-5p0-0-0-3-0-0-2-4 etc, that riff.

and I simply cannot get it. I'm doing a Kirk in the SKoM dvd trying to get that simple riff down by James which goes nowhere.
I know the notes to it, I've got the speed, but I just can't seem to get it right. Same goes for the 2nd solo. I've never had so much frustration before and I MUST get it done.

Has anyone been having problems with simple riffs not being about to get them down?
Do you have Guitar Pro?
If so, get the GP file, then use the feature which slows down a selected passage.

Or, play to a metronome.

Best of luck!
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You say you have the speed of it and you know the notes, so that means you're just plain messing up each time. So bascally, you don't have the speed. You may know what speed/tempo it needs to be but thats different.

Slow down. Slow right down and keep it real slow till you can play it over and over without error. Then gradually increase your speed and repeat. Rinse and repeat until you're up to tempo.

Trust me, this a tried a trusted method of learning that most people here use, or should use.