write down all the information u know about these subjects then just write down where the stuff fits in that u dont remember...that usually works for me...so like for health class

running is good for health

running builds leg muscles

then insert between: running also strengthens and improves heart muscle tissue or something like that..that usually works for me
Make a schedule of when you'll be studying. Don't do it all in one night. Spread it out, take breaks, eat during studying.


Read that, it helps.

Flash cards.


Do it. They have a SHIT TON of educational games, quizzes. Very fun way to learn your material, and very easy to use. If you don't see a game you like, message them, they might have it up by Saturday.
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Man that sucks. Having more than one exam on a single day is brutal. You should definitely make a schedule of what to study over the next couple of days.
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you got easy i got an organic chemistry lecture and lab exam as well as a biology lecture exam when i get back from spring break

try doin little bits at a time or lookin in your books like you would a magazine often to get the sht stuck in your head
The best way is to not study.
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Just study a bit of each everyday, starting as soon as possible. I've had three days so far this semester where I had two midterms on the same day. When I have time, I write out study notes and a list of key terms. For me it works way better than just rereading lecture notes.
i just had physics2 for engineers midterm today

it was painfully hard

it really was a mood killer
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