Im buying an avatar cab with a orange rockreverb head
the only problem is im not sure wether to get the 100 or 50 watt head, or the 2x12 or 4x12 cab.
Im using this amp for small gigs(not like restaraunts but clubs and stuff) and for band rehearsal at my house
Would the 4x12 and 100 watts be way to loud and not sound good unless it was cranked?
any combination of these parts and other suggestions are welcome
by the way the speakers are being custom made by a friend of mine here in nashville so they will be of the highest quality, cause hes a pro=]
i play a lespaul standard
GG&A ?

but, you won't notice much of a difference between 50 and 100, they're both loud as hell.
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go 100 with the 4x12. you can't go wrong with a halfstack.
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