what is your favorite pre amp tube or tube combo?
please state what amp you use with your favorite tubes.
Tungsol 12AX7 reissue. loads of gain, crystal clear, and nice bite. great V1 tube in most amps.

JJ 12AX7's sound great in overly bright amps...i use this in V1 in my fball to tame it, with a tungsol following it, another JJ, then a JAN 12AT7 for PI
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The Raytheon 12AX7 is my favorite preamp tube, but since they're a bit tough to find at good prices, I just go with RCA most of the time.
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I like the JJ ECC83S.

But it really depends on the amp you're using. Some types sound better than others depending on the amp's natural voicing.
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JJ Tesla 12AX7s (their 12AU7 is fricken SWEET too) for pretty much all applications for an even tone and reliability.

Tung Sol 12AX7s in areas where brightness and top end prescence is required.
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Either of the frame grid tubes: the Telefunken ECC803S or the Tesla E83CC.

As far as new production stuff goes, I like the Tung-Sol reissues.
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