Hey guys

I was hoping if someone would give me their opinion on this predicament. A while ago, the dealer here in Singapore just received units of the Egnater Rebel 20. I'm honestly GASing to get one of these, but what's holding me back is that I already have the Krank Rev Jr Pro, but the features, review and sound of the Rebel make it really attractive.

The price is well.. quite an amount, but the good part about getting it is that I'll be able to just use the Krank Jr cabs.

I will end up spending the money, question is where. If I get the Rebel, I won't be upgrading my pickups for my Ibanez for quite a while. I'm thinking of slapping a calibrated pair of bare knuckle nail bombs and a sinner in the Ibanez.

If I pass up on the Rebel, I'll be able to buy the BKP and still have money to burn on other guitar toys.

As a single channel amp, the Rebel definitely different and flexible in a different way from my Krank, but I'm not entirely sure if its worth the money. I won't be buying a half or full-stack any time soon as its not easy to crank amps at home. My family's fine with my cranking the Rev Jr, but I won't be able to do anything louder than pushing a 20 watter.

Alternatively I was thinking of getting the Mesa Mark V at some point (maybe 5 - 7 years time or whatever Mark it is by then). Even better still if Mesa releases a low wattage version of their rectos, altho I'm not holding my breath on that (though it does seem that more amp makers are slowly moving in that direction, I'm not holding my breath for Mesa to do so) . However this will wait for quite a few more years, as the Mesas don't come cheap, esp here in S.E.Asia.

Any opinions on this? Should I get the Egnater Rebel? As a package, does the head offer dramatically different sounds and voicing from the Rev Jr to justify it? I'm fairly happy with the Rev Jr as it produces practically 97% of the tones I use and then some. If I do, I'll end up putting off my BKPs. If I don't I'll end up throwing money at:
1. Two BKP humbuckers and a single
2. an ISP Deciminator G-string
3. a T-rex Fuel tank jr
4. a EHX Blackfinger
5. probably the MXR 10 band EQ; and
6. either a Area 51 wah or the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
(yeah I'm rebuilding my pedal board with mostly boutique stuff)

I'd like to hear what you all would do if faced with my predicament hehe, there's no real right or wrong reply or answer, just what you'd do if you were faced with this choice. So long as it ain't a flame, I'll appreciate any views given.
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You might want to tap up Kevin Saale for his verdict on this (I know there are other elements to your question) as he tried it and found it to be a bit of a gimmick - the valve blending thing I mean. It might alter your opinion in the first place which kinda answers your question for you.

As with all things UG, try before buying and it is only an opinion. But from what I see Kevin Saale is reliable in his opinions so yeah.

I have not tried it myself, and I'm not brown nosing Kevin Saale I hasten to add!
I own one and I think it's a great amp, not gimmicky at all. I do think the valve blending effect is very subtle, and I've only detected any change at all at fairly high volumes, but other people claim it makes a big difference. I'm certainly not going to claim my ears are very sensitive to these types of things, and I didn't really buy it for the valve blending anyway.

But overall, it's a great amp, and I haven't found anything with comparable features or sound quality for anywhere near the price. Maybe the closest thing would be an Orange TT, but those have a really different sound anyway. Plus, I wanted an effects loop, which it seems like most of the small wattage tube amps are missing.