Does anyone know how Marc Bolan got that amazing sound out of his les paul?

Amp settings? pickups?

anyone have have any ideas?
Key gear:
Gibson Les Paul BFG Gary Moore (Lemon Burst)
Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Alpine White)
BC Rick Mockingbird ST (Red Quilt)
Laney IronHeart 60 watt head w/4x12 cab
Boss V-Wah
are you serious? you ask for amp settings and pickups?

how about amps and fx? haha..

well i have no clue who he is.. good luck
just watched 20th century man... the amps quite likely a marshall super lead

hope that helps, pickups dont really matter i assume they're stock gib

amps settings? sounds fat ... maybe bass 8 mids 8 treb 6 gain 7

dont quote me on that, good luck
Bolan was no tone hound; his setup was Gibson or Fender through Marshall or Fender. The only constant was that he turned it up.
He used a couble of Dallas Rangemaster boosters with HH or Vampower amps. His main guitars were a couple of white stratocasters and a Les Paul he refinished with house paint to 'make it look like Eddie Cochran's gretsch' I heard. Basically a guitar tone on the fuzzy side of the norm, with a lot of treble. Probably compressed in the studio atleast, and maybe a bit of automatic double tracking to flesh it out a bit.