I bought a qtron+ this weekend and I have messed around with it quite a bit. I like it alot, but I have found that Low Pass is the only mode that sounds any good with bass on the low strings. It also seems to be the worst setting. With the low pass setting, I find that you can't hear the filter sweep nearly as clearly with band pass or mix. Band Pass sounds amazing on notes higher than A string, but it cuts way too much lows to sound any good on the e strings.

Now I have an idea. If i bought a equalizer pedal and boosted the lows before I sent it through the qtron, would I be able to send more lows to my amp, or will the qtron filters just filter it out? What about if I put the equalizer after the qtron? Or will this simply not work?
I'm not familiar with the Qtron, but it uses some familiar terms. Do you know what the different modes are doing? For example, the low pass is letting the lows pass through the filter, while cutting the highs and mids out...which is why you can't hear the sweep.
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You cannot just change the mode and expect good results. If you like the BP sound, but want low end, use the mix setting, which is a blended signal of clean and filtered.

I use mine almost exclusively in low pass. Try putting the range to low, the speed to slow, up sweep, peak to about 1:30 and the gain to where hammering your strings gets the overload to light.

I find it works really nicely.

Down sweep required more extreme settings, which I often find can be managed by selecting the faster sweep speed.
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I understand what the knobs do. I just really like how the filter sounds in band pass. It seems to be more exaggerated. I am wondering if its possible to boost the lows a ton or something to make it sound more like a bass guitar and less like a guitar in band pass. Is this just not possible?