Hey guys, Ive spent a bit of time working on this, and its not quite finished yet, but any advice or comments would be much appreciated.
It may be a little generic, admittedly, but im pretty happy with it.
On a final note, ive done the vocal hook/melody for the chorus but none of the rest.


Sorry for the simple drums, im kinda suckish at making decent drum tracks on GP..
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critting while listening. the intro's good. it reminds me of "(good riddance) time of your life".

the chorus is good. good lead guitar, nice vocal hook.

after the chorus, that would make a good verse i think. 4 bars is too short for the chorus to come back in. i like your chorus, but you don't want to overuse it. i think you should add to this idea, and make it a verse.

same deal with bar 25-28. with some work, this could be a verse too. i liked the first one better, but this isn't bad by any means. that's probably just my preference. again, don't just jump to the chorus so fast.

with bar 41 you waited longer to get to the chorus. good job. like i said, good chorus, but when you hear it every 4 bars, it loses it's power.

this song's not bad, but you need to work on the other parts besides the chorus. like i've said, good chorus, needs longer verses. the chorus is good, but because of the other parts being so short, it came up too often, and became kind of repetitive. so i think once you work on that, the song will be good.

c4c? crit chill dorian song or trippy riff if you can.