Hi. I know these requests are going to make me sound like a huge nerd, but whatever.

I'm a beginner at the Guitar and there are to songs that I'd really like to be able to play once I'm better. To do that I'm going to need the tabs.

One is Kuro, by the artist Kanno Youko

The other is D.M.C. (Gut guitar ver.) by the artist(s?) Rungran

I'd really appreciate it if someone could tab these for me because I'm nowhere near being able to do it for myself.

Whew, done with d.m.c. :P
It is the most complex thing I've ever tried to tab.
Now waiting for my Guitar Pro tabulature being uploaded
Hey. Sorry I haven't checked here for ages.

Thanks so much for that! Now I've got something to practice.

I'm also looking for this now if anyone feels like giving it a go.

Jesus Cloud, by the artist Ishii Yasushi

In any case, thanks again for tabbing that.
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That song seemed like completely improvised to me. So even if I make a tab, the song isn't about correct playing)