Anybody know what the impedance value of this 8" (20cm) speaker is? i have it apart right now but my multimeter is at work.

umm u could calculate it impedance z = under root R squared + (Xl + Xc) the whole squared
Xl inductive reactance
xc capacitive reactance
Xl = 2pi F l f= frequency of mains
xc = 2pi f c
or impedance = current/voltage
if you can find out the current being drawn by the circuit
Nice quadruple post. There's an Edit button for a reason. Use it.

Anyway, It might be a 4-ohm, TS. I had an old Squier Sidekick ( ) that used a 4-ohm. If not, it's probably an 8-ohm. Those two seem to be the most common.
the one in my 20x is 4 ohm, probably the same speaker.

to the guy above, it's not noted anywhere on the speaker.
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