Well I finally broke down and got the emg's out of my two guitars with them. I put a d sonic in one and x2n in another. the x2n is in my RG neck thru guitar and the d sonic is in my sz. I'm preferring the d sonic more. I already have d sonics in other guitars though so I guess it's nothing new for me but it is for this guitar. I think I will put one in the RG after all.

D sonic is thick and has a good low end sound to it. The mids are pretty swell too. The x2n is more of a screamer for those guys that like the emg type sound without being active. It's also a cool pickup but it's not as thick as the d sonic.

Call me crazy but honestly the schecter exotic star guitar I got still has the best sounding pickups. It has super rock 2 schecter pickups and it still sounds tighter, more low end, the best harmonics and just so organic sounding. The d sonic is the closet thing I've found to it though.

Anyone else know any pickups close to those schecter pickups? I'd love to have that sound in all my guitars. I just bought the new RG neck thru the all white one. It's a brand new guitar and I still can't play it. I always end up putting it back in the case and going back to my exotic star. It plays so much better and sounds so much better.
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Perhaps you can just buy schecter pickups from a dealer maybe? Ebay??

I haven't been able to find any but I'm looking.