last night i had nothing to do, so i spent hours on youtube watching old cartoons i used to love and still do to an extent. Yu-gi-oh, dragonball z because tonammi moved to a different channnel half way through the majin buu saga, and pokemon

im kind of embarresed about the last one.

has anyone ever done this or thought about doing it

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You should be more embarrassed about Dragonball Z and Yu Gi Oh than Pokemon...
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You should be more embarrassed about Dragonball Z and Yu Gi Oh than Pokemon...

me and a couple friends recently discovered how fun the pokemon gameboy game is when youre stoned
Haha, ahahahaaa... That's funny.
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its secret obssesion,

like a boston record

it feels alien but strangley comforting

like a boston record

sorry i dont know what that was
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Haha yeah, i don't remember how many times i've watched Yellow Submarine.. but when i look at it now, it's really some freaky s***.. but i love the songs more than anything... seriously? Elanor Rigby is just beautiful.

we all live in a yellow submarine
a yellow submarine
a yellow submarine.....

they werent high.........
GO Islanders!

Think those are bad

I just watched Pound Puppies: Legend of Big-Paw

I'm 19 for ****s sake
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the original pokemon series was awesome.
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


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