Hi guys, Laura here!

I recently picked up an electric guitar off ebay, and everything is great, with the only problem being that I get fret buzz when playing a lot of notes, so I guess I need to raise the action?

Only problem is there are so many different guides out there for setting the action, all seeming to contradict each other. Some say I need a special ruler, some don't etc etc I don't know which way to go!!

So if anyone can help me out and point me in the direction of a good, solid guide to setting action on an electric guitar (preferably without needing to buy any special equipment! ), I would really appreciate it.


Laura x
first get it high enough to remove any fret buzz (if action is really the problem and not a wrapped neck or backbow) and then if you like it higher rise it even more.
it really depends on several things, nut slot depth, saddle height, and neck bow. when i set mine i first check the neck bow, and correct that if need be, it should be almost flat, with a sliiiight bow in thee middle, barely noticeable. then i check the nut slot depth, then i raise the saddles by feel. there's the rulers out there saying set it up for 3/64ths of an inch and other such crap. action is a feel, and it takes some time, but set each string height to where there's no buzz and its comfy. some people like super low action, some like it on the high side, just keep adjusting in small amounts till you find what you like
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OK so basically I just keep raising the saddles till there's no buzz? Right?

Assuming it's not a dodgy neck ofc.
Depends, if you have a tune-o-matic brudge or a strat bridge. I recently purchased a strat MIM but the action was too high, so I just took out a screw driver and lowered each saddle individually, its really not hard to do. Just make sure it isn't too low so you get fret buzz.
Imagine being able to put another string between the top of the fret and the string, at least on the sixth string (low E). That'll get ya close. I'm not sure why anyone would need a ruler; i've seen that advice before and shook my head. Fingers and ears tell me more than a ruler, but to each his own, I guess. Width of the string, raised a bit, then the other strings are matched up by eyeballs and estimation; works good for me.
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