Does anyone know which sets I should look for/what products?
I'm looking for G-Funk, P-funk, and Hip hop samples I can use to make awesome beats.
A collection of vocals would be awesome too.
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I'm not so up on FL but my friend is (and he just got signed with his EBM band so he knows his stuff). He just uses the samples already in there and the changes them so they are unrecognisable but awesome.
[O.¬] - WTF?
i import my own samples. they can be found for free EVERYWHERE. the better ones generally cost money. i probably have 10 gigs of free samples alone, alot more of the "paid" samples. some of the plugin synths in FL are pretty good i'd suggest getting used to the plugin vst's and such as you can get a wide variety of sound out of just sytrus alone.