In USA legal age of consent is 18, but in UK its 16

SO.. Is it OK to shag a 17 year old American as long as she's in the UK???

Of course it is. If you went to america and were under 21 you wouldn't be able to buy beer. Why would this be any different?

P.S. You sound like a spastic.
Yes, you'd be right.
If she were 17 over here then it's ok.
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
Let me in for a minute, you're not my life but I want you in it

O Dayya, te echaré de menos, siempre

Y siempre
Y para siempre
In sweden it's 15.
Unless you transport her to the UK so that you can have sex with her - that would be frowned on.
[O.¬] - WTF?