I saw this band as an opener for Biffy Clyro in December and just recently started listening to more of their stuff. I really like their sound, does any fellow UGer's like them? I think my favorite song right now is "Pretty Buildings" they are Welsh which for some reason made me happy... I tend to like Welsh bands (Super Furry Animals)

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I love People in Planes. Pretty Buildings was the first song I ever heard by them, but their first album "As far As The Eye Can See" is awesome. I don't have "beyond the Horizon" yet though. but yeah, really good band.
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Yes I do. Narcoleptic, If you talk too much (my head will explode), and Light for the Deadvine are just some of the awesome songs on there...You should listen to it.
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The whole album of "As Far As The Eye Can See" is an awesome album and I strongly recommend it, I actually like it better than "Beyond The Horizon". My favorite songs off of As Far As... are "Moth", "Falling By The Wayside", and "Barracuda".
Now that I have acquired "As Far As The Eye Can See" and listened to it thru like a half dozen times I still don't know which album is stronger... "Falling By The Wayside" "If You Talk To Much..." and "Moth" are my favorite tracks at this point...so similar to previous opinions. I think I actually prefer "Beyond The Horizon" still. Maybe this has something to do with hearing it first (and hearing a lot of it live).
I recently found out that PIP had two previous band names "Tetra Splendour" and before that they were "Robots In The Sky". They have an album under "Tetra Splendour" called 'Splended Animation' I don't have it but curious as to how they started.