Hey everyone, this is kinda a mix between gear and customizing, but I figured I'd ask here.

I was wondering if you could use a capo on a guitar with scalloped frets? Just a question that I couldn't find on here before and was wondering about.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!
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it would work, but it would bend the pitch more than a capo does. i don't think you'd need to retune though, because the pressure would be distributed uniformly.
Depends on the scalloping, I suppose if you're going Yngwie and it's all the way it might require some adjusting. I've used a capo on guitars with scalloped necks from the 12th fret and on and they didn't have any problems

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it would work, meaning, the guitar will still play, but, i would guess that it depends on the type of capo you're using. If it is quite hard sprung, it would probably put more tension on the strings, meaning that the pitch of each note will be slightly higher than it should be (a "blue" note), and if you're looking to play with someone else, this could get annoying.

A looser capo might eliminate this problem, but, might give you some fret buzz. just play around with a chromatic tuner and a capo and see what happens...