I just started playing guitar about a month ago, and I've found that its really an awesome instrument (insert intellectual crap here).

Not much to really say, but I guess I'm the forum newbie for the time being. Any questions, please feel free to ask away.

Also, where should I make a thread detailing my progress, and asking for some feedback and help? I've been to forums before, but this ones just crazy in userbase.
welcome! and try looking around in the musician talk forum
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I track my progress and get feedback/hatemail through my Blog... It's a lot better organized than a forum thread.
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you could make a thread in the Guitar and Bass Basics forum, but to be honest its not the 'done' thing, and you might come off to some users as a tad bigheaded, then again, you might just start a trend, who knows.

Personally i would go with a Blog style through your profile. It would be easier for you to find than searching through the forums for starters. If you want people to find it then, i would suggest putiing a link in your sig.

To do that, go to the control panel just above the Post Reply/New Thread button > Edit Signature and just put the link in there.

Theres plenty of helpful information like that in the New member FAQ Be sure to read it! Also feel free to post your introduction in the New Members Introduction Thread.

Welcome to UG

Welcome to UG

The guys in the musicians forums are a great help. If you need any guitar help at all, if you can't find it here then you won't find it anywhere else.