Iv been playin sinc 2yrs...got my 1st electric guitar recently(its a squier bullet strat)...am still lookin at buyin new amps...dont have ANY idea wat2 get...sum1 told me a marshall 20 watt will suffice...i even want a pedal...so if any1 could gimme an idea of wat i shud be lookin at..??
dont get any marshall at that low price....peavey vypyr or roland cube. one of the 15w ones. no pedals until you get a better amp.
^ or a better guitar
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roland cube with a boss metal zone
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Get a Roland Cube 15 instead. Also Marshall don't make Solid State 20 watts(I think, correct me if I'm wrong).

Also, you have to tell us the budget for the pedal and the amp, we can only help you if we know how much money you are willing to spend.
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Since you don't seem like you have a set direction of what you want, I would recommend a low-price, high-quality modeling amp like the Roland Cube or Peavey Vypyr. These will allow you to sample a wide variety of effects and tones.

Don't worry so much about wattage. Don't go out and buy a 150w amp just because it's high power. You don't need all that. Choose a few amps in your price range (what is your price range, btw), and try them out at Guitar Center. People usually try to steer you away from Marshall MGs or Line 6 Spiders, but, remember, tone is subjective. Find what you like.

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i get all d major brands(like marshall laney fender roland peavey stranger etc etc...)my budgets bout...say around 200-300$...
Vox DA 20. the 2x8 stereo setup really set it apart from other low cost SS amps.
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what genres do you play?
for low gain:
vox pathfinder
if it's blues and rock:
vox valvetronix
vox da series
if it's harder stuff and metal:
peavey vypyr
roland cube
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My vote is for the Peavey Vypyr as well.. It will give you a broad spectrum of effects and different amp voicings to toy with so you can get a feel for what you want to look out for in the future.

I started out with a multi-effect processor and ss amp and it helped a bit in focusing in on what I wanted in an amp and pedals later on.
im into playin heavier stuff(like punk n metal...greenday...metallica...iron maiden...nirvana...etc etc...)i checked d catalogs for d amps suggested by every1 and im considerin a peavey vypyr or roland cube...however i wasnt able 2 find out their prices...ne1 got ne idea??besides wat multi effect processor is best...sum1 suggested a zoom g2 1 u or sumthin...